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At New Art Rivals we specialize in creating original art images that celebrate whats great about sports, athletics, and pop culture related rivalries.

All images are illustrated with mixed medium traditional methods and each is an original creation, giving fans of all levels of successful and not so successful teams , franchises and locations an opportunity to celebrate their loyalties.


As we like to say "At New Art Rivals Your team always wins"

Started in 2015 By Audwynn newman and Vicky Haley New Art rivals has quickly turned a passionate hobby and love for both creativity and sports and has turned into a thriving business with customers all across the country.

 Below is a brief snap shot at how we ended up where we are.

Comic Book Origins

Audwynn Newman the artist behind all the images has long had an eye for dynamic images. His early influences where Star wars and Godzilla movies and soon became hooked on 80's cartoons like Hong Kong Phooey, Johnny Quest,  the Herculoids,Thundarr The Barbarian and many others.

 After graduating High school he attended the Joe Kubert school for Cartoon Graphics and Commercial illustration in Dover New Jersey from 89-91. He left school early to persue his career in Comics forging his own path. After a very difficult year of submissions and rejections of his work he landed a  One Shot splash page insert for Savage Sword of Conana Saga #81, soon after he was offered a short story in Marvel Comics Excalibur annual #1, and soon after  that an 8  issue run on D.C Comics Eclipso The Darkness within as well as work soon there after on Conan The Adventurer for Marvel Comics

Marvels Conan saga #81 insert

Audwynns 1st published work 1993



Interior pages form Excalibur Annual #1

Marvels Excalibur Annual #1

Audwynns 2nd published work 1993



DC Comics Eclipso #11

DC Comics Eclipso #12

DC Comics Eclipso #18 The Final Issue

The End Of Eclipso

Final page Art work

Conan Adventurer #5 1994

Interior pages of Conan Adventurer #5



Conan Adventurer #5 Cover

 Transition To Feature Film & Toy Concepts

Dino Men Image, Hasbro

Dino Men Image, Hasbro

Marvels Toy Biz, Mutant Monsters, Sugar Man

Chip Hazzard concept -(Dream Works Small Soldiers)

Small Soldiers Movie Poster

Small Soldiers  Promotional

How to Find Us

New Art Rivals
2680 E Main St Suite 116
Plainfield, In. 46168

Phone: 317 837-4990 317 837-4990
Fax: (317) 837-4901

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