New Art Rivals
New Art Rivals

Viking Stance 40.00

The North Woods are protected from any who dare venture into its snowy woodlands



Miamis Red Legacy

Miami of Ohios Past Present and future are displayed in all its red glory.



Hoosier Roots! 40.00

Hoosier Pride has never looked stronger than in this image of

IU's iconic symbol growing out of the ground, anchored by its strong, deep roots.



Roll Tide! 40.00

The tide rolls over the competition in the handmade and orginal work of art depicting Big Al running over his competitors. This piece comes on a signed and numbered 1/4" wood cutout of Alabama.

Bucky Pile Up 40.00

Bucky bests all his Big 10 rivals in this Wisconsin mash-up.



Black Hawk State 40.00

The great state of Illinois has never looked better than with the Black Hawks face painted on it over a commemoration of every Stanley Cup victory.



Brewers Sausage Dash 40.00

Bernie and Hank stand proud as the Milwaukee Sausage Race speeds right past them



RUN IND 40.00

Hoosiers keep pace with each other running across the state.



Tap Indy 40.00

Let your eyes drink from these iconic Indianapolis landmarks: Dancing Anne; the One America buiding; the tallest building in the state, the Sales Force Tower; and the monument's Lady Victory.



Fishing for Home 40.00

The one that always gets away is captured in this personal favorite of Audwynn's..... an avid fisherman with plenty of tall tails of his own, ranging from great times in the boat with friends to a big fish landed and another one lost.



Hoosier Equality 40.00

Lady Victory stands proudly with and for equality for all Hoosiers .



Victory's Horse Power 40.00

A new era in Colts history begins with new head coach Frank Reich, and with that also comes New Art Rivals new artwork! Lady Victory stands proud for The Horse Shoe faithful.



Hoosier High Life

The Life of a Hoosier is on full display.



Nati Girl Rosie 40.00

After countless requests from Reds fans to create a Rosie Red to pair with our Mr. Red Legs, she has arrived in an homage to the legendary "Rosie the Riveter" illustration from 1942.



FCC Cincinnati 40.00

As winter thaws and spring nears, soccer fans can barely hold back their enthusiasm for another fun-filled, fantastic season!



Boiler Up! 40.00

Celebrate Purdue's successful football season and show your Boilermaker pride with this hand-drawn piece of artwork.

For The Love Of Bloomington **No longer available***



How Bout Dem Cowboys! 40.00

The Dallas Cowboy is enjoying what's left of his NFC EAST foes in this

handmade and original art piece.

Indy Pride 40.00

Original hand made art, signed and numbered, to celebrating the LGBT community's advancent in Indianapolis. Illustration on 1/4" wood cut of Indiana, measuring 13x15.



Dawg LB 4 Life 40.00

Signed and numbered handmade, original art of Cleveland's mascot by a Browns fan for Browns fans.



Nati Boy Red Legs 40.00

Original, handmade art! Each piece of art about this Ohio favorite is signed and numbered.


For The Love Of Dayton 40.00

What you know and Love about Dayton is illustrated in all its past and present beauty .


 For The Love of West Lafayette 40.00

Celebrate the home town of Purdue with this art showcasing all the spots you know and love.


Cubs Win! Sold Out

Capturing the moment that took more than a century to happen, this piece of art has been handmade and comes on a 1/4" wood cutout of Illinois.

Black Hawk Diet 40.00

Tommy Hawk doesnt like sea food, especially if it comes from Detroit in the shape of the Red Wings mascot. This original hand made art is done on a 1/4 inch wood cut out of the state of Illinois and measures 12x21inches.



Wild Cat State 40.00

Cats are on the prowl in The Blue Grass State! This 9X22 Kentucky cut illustration was completed in DR PH Martins Dyes, pen, and ink.



Tiger Town 55.00

The legendary toughness of this town is captured in Michigan's cuts of both the upper and lower peninsulas. The illustration was completed in DR PH Martins Dyes, pen, and ink.


Drink Local Indiana 40.00

Handmade, original art supporting the microbreweries in your hometown. Numbered and signed, these pieces of art are put on 1/4" cutouts of the state of Indiana.

Drink Local Ohio 40.00

Supporting the local microbreweries in your state; this signed, numbered, handmade, and original art piece comes on a 1/4" thick wood cutout of the state of Ohio.

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